My name is Martin Kreuzer I am 30 years old and come from the beautiful Salzkammergut.
This landscape is captivated by the numerous pre-alpine lakes nestled in the middle of the mountains, providing the perfect environment to enjoy a relaxing fishing day, whether from the boat or the shore.
Since my childhood, I am already infected with the Angel Virus and this will not let me go until today.
Back then, under the experienced wing of my father, I had been traveling in the local brooks, so shortly afterwards, in my youth, I was drawn to the great prealpine lakes and immediately began to gain experience there.
Meanwhile, I can look back on over 15 years of experience in the most diverse waters where I have acquired in many areas the best working ways to outwit the predators among the fish and the general fishing.

I am happy to bring you different lakes and the most suitable fishing techniques closer.
Such as
• Spinning
• towing
• Vertical or Dropshot fishing
And much more!

What have I specialized on over the years, here is a short list

• pike
• Zander
• perch

Also here like inquiries (experience is also available with other fish)

What can I offer you …
I’ll pick you up on your knowledge and your already made or not yet made experiences.
No matter if you are a beginner or already experienced I will always help you with my knowledge and my experience to create a day as long as possible.
The fishing from the shore is depending on the waters you want to fish no problem as well as a well-equipped boat is available through me that can also be used for the less suitable waters with respect to the shore fishing.
The organization of licenses and fishing cards can be organized by yourself or by me for this just in person requests.
The day or the weekend is planned individually with you.

Furthermore, especially in the spring, I travel a lot on reservoirs and rivers where I fish specifically for the local salmonids.
Again, a joint planning with you is of course possible.

Of course you can bring your own equipment or borrow it from me.
Likewise, meeting places can be arranged to form carpools.
Equipment such as bait and fishing are available to me for all fishing techniques.
Furthermore, max. 2 people come on the boat, so still the ideal place to have the perfect litter.

To mention it briefly I have been a team angler at Westin Fishing since 2018, which meant that I was able to fish mainly with these baits and rods and was able to achieve very good results in different waters.
Of course, I like to stand here with advice and act aside and explain you one or the other trick to outwit the robber.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and we like to design and plan your perfect day together.

Petri Heil
Your Martin Kreuzer