The 2020 guiding tours have not started yet … This gives me the opportunity to look back briefly on the past season. This year, my guests from young to old again fulfilled a lot of fishing dreams. It is always a very special feeling to lead someone to his (first) target fish or e.g. seeing the enthusiasm in your child’s eyes, which reminds you of why you got into fishing yourself.

The year was characterized by (compared to previous years) a little less big fish, but again extremely stable catches, in equal measure with pikes and whitefish at the Attersee and the salmonids from the Klaus reservoir. Even long periods of heat could be successfully mastered if the right strategy was chosen.

And as every year, the wealth of experience and the resulting Knowledge has expanded. In some phases this year e.g. in Terms of bait size and bait direction, Downsizing and deceleration announced, especially on supposedly difficult days.

Some things were new this year: On the one hand, to the great delight of my guests, the Starweld 1674 tl pro was used as a new guiding boat, and on the other hand it was my first year as an ambassador for Westin.

 But enough of words…here are a few impressions from 2019…
IMG-20191009-WA0015  IMG-20190710-WA0001
See you,