O.k. the last few weeks pike fishing here in Boyle have been rather hectic! With some fine fish beeing landed and a lot of them by visiting pike fly-anglers. The pike are in prime condition right now and meter+ pike are now a weekly occurance with many fish in the 90+ bracket (double figures).
First, good friend and pike fly-enthusiast, Markus Mueller and I had a meter+ pike each on the fly in the one session. (see our new video: 
The biggest on fly was a 108cm, 24lbs. Beauty, caught by our own Brendan, followed by Scottish journalist Andy Bowman’s 107cm, 23lbs fish just this Wednesday last (14th May).
Italian vistors Valeriano ( ), Emanuelle and Alberto are catching double figure pike every day during their week here with them finally getting their meter+ pike today! Most fish again on the fly!!!
Our mixed Scottish/ English group last weekend had some nice pike as well with 91,94,98 and 104cm fish with a mix of fly and jerk bait techniques.
Fred Anderson from Chicago,USA had some some nice pike fly action too last week with 8 fish to low doubles liking his self-tied flies.
We are awaiting the next groups, and should have more updates soon…